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Welcome To Norland, BITCH!!

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This community was made in order to express the hate and every day hell that Norland [the school] brings to the lives of the children in it. Now like all good, and bad communties we have to have rules..sorry a bout that. so here they are...


  • you do not HAVE to be a member of the school to join, you don't even have to know what a school is, i'm sure that in time this community will not have anything to do with the school , and will simpliy be a whole bunch of stupid kids talking about jack shit.

  • I know how you kids like to fight, lets keep that out of here, feel free to leave rude comments if thats what you are into, but no fighting. you will be droped from here if you do not follow this rule.

  • here you CAN post pictures, poems, lyrics, art, etc. but you may NOT post stupid quizes, unless aproved by a "official". an official being lick_the_star12 or tanstriper

  • NUDITY! we like it, infact it's safe to say that most of us love it, but any nudity you post MUST behind a cut. a clearly labled cut, why you ask? because it's not funny to click on a cut that says dog, and in reality it's a fat naked man fucking a dog. -not cool- which brings me to NO ANIMAL CRULETY!! we like animals, nice and whole.
  • keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their very own opinion, and that you don't own jackshit. You wanna control something go buy a neopet. Thats right our school sucks, but we are cool, and don't take shit from anyone. [ok so thats not a rule, so what lick my nuts man.

  • other than that i would like to take this time out to say you CAN promote your own communty, or some one else, just take the time out to and explian what it is about.

  • once a member it is customary you post your most recent, or comical year book picture, so we can laugh, point and have our way with it.
    -Thank You

Also i would like to add this is a gay and lesbian friendly place, and that they name came only by accident, and could not be controled to to the sheer lazyness of my friend and my self. please enjoy you stay in hell, and if you have any questions or comment feel free to commment on the journals up top.

Norland middle school biatches..........we all hate ms. nelson....she has to die
Magnet ppl...

hate this bastard school.............cant wait to leave the fucking dump....... I hope it blows up!!! (once we leave it of course)

now i'm off to spell check this info, and beat my head for every typo....which i'm sure there are many.

Did it for you already, BIATCH!!
- Jennifer (lick_the_star12)